March 11th, 2010


Wings of Honor, sorta.

Shortpacked!: He's exactly who Wednesday's strip said he was.
It's baffling to me, considering how gung-ho Robin was about the last candidate in last Wednesday's strip and her subsequent continued gung-ho-ness, why a handful of people thought Ethan's date would be anyone else!  I have no idea why other folks were suggested.  It was gonna be Mike, it was gonna be that chinbeard fanboy dude, it was gonna be Thad.   But, well, hey, surprise.  It's this guy.  Exactly who Wednesday's strip said it'd be.  Hooray! :)

Here's the rest of the Thanagarians from the six-pack "Starscrossed" set.  The set also came with a normal Batman and a normal Green Lantern, but I think by now you can probably picture them flawlessly in your head.  This picture's just of the new folks.

Not to surprisingly, it's just a male and female mold used twice.  Hawkman's evil doppelganger Hro Talak and his gayly jealous sidekick Kragger are the same toy with different heads and deco.  It is nice that their arms are sculpted to have their armor's detail on them, rather than it being only paint.  And equally expected are Paran Dul and Hawkgirl's mold-sharing.  Unlike the dudes, though, their arms aren't sculpted to have the armor detail.  It's just painted on.

And thank god for those new belts.  We don't need more flesh belts.