March 10th, 2010


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Shortpacked!: Solitude!
I'm back in the JLU saddle, baby!

As I mentioned a few days ago (and drew a strip about), I took that anonymous guy's suggestion and just ordered myself some damn JLU six-packs off the Internet.  Great news, right!  Ahahahaha, guess what, Graham was in the middle of being the winning bidder for a "Starcrossed" six-pack on eBay... for my birthday.  So he was understandably a little frustrated when he read that I'd finally gotten my hands on a set.  D'oh!  But he let himself get outbid, and he told me to just open the one I ordered when it got here.  I thought maybe he'd just wrap up the one I got for me or something, but no, he wants to get me a surprise gift, like it's my birthday or something. 

The Hawkgirl in the middle is from the Starscrossed set.  I think she's my favorite Hawkgirl toy of the three.  It's rough, because the yellow and black outfit is definitely my favorite in the cartoon, but ... the Thanagarian Armor version doesn't have, y'know, a flesh belt.  Also, the colors on the Thanagarian Armor version are so vibrant.  They're just a little darker all around, and the eyes are painted better.  She looks really nice.  And usually, yellow trumps most other colors in my eyes, but the dark blue, red, and gold really work well together. 

The Hawkgirl on the right is from the other six-pack in the wave.  This is Hawkgirl with "Eclipso" shards embedded in her skin, making her evil.  You can tell because she has no painted irises!  Spoooky.  

I wish in real life when people did evil things, their eyes glowed.  It'd make politics way more interesting.  Or way less interesting.  I'm undecided.