March 8th, 2010


Because good is dumb.

Shortpacked!: This is not a permanent character model change.

Since I put up Shortpacked! Book 3 for preorder yesterday, I am contractually obligated to mention this either every day until the end of time or until when I get enough preorders, whichever comes first.  Such is the sad reality of self-employment.  (Book 3 up for preorder.)

But this is still a toy blog, so there still must be toys! 

I got Shattered Glass reprolabels for my SG Decepticons a lifetime ago, but I didn't get the SG Autobot symbols until just recently.  I'm not as enthusiastic about the evil mirrorverse Autobots.  Do they have Ravage?  No.  No, they don't.  So nyeah.

But here is my photo of my repurposed toys as mirrorverse characters.  These are (clockwise from the top right) Brawn, Beachcomber, Camshaft, Huffer, and Arcee.  They are all evil in various ways, except Huffer, who seems to be less evil, somehow.  Well, he's way more friendly, at any rate.  

The only speedbump was Brawn, on whom I needed to use a sticker to cover up his Sector Seven logo, but that's just below an unpainted sculpted Autobot logo.  So, uh, yay, he looks a little ridiculous with one logo right above another.  Well, the original toy expected you to ignore the sculpted faction logo, so I guess I can continue doing that.