March 7th, 2010


Shortpacked! Book Three!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Oh well now I look stupid(er).
Shortpacked!: Give that man a biology book.

An anonymous poster became Amber in this week's TNI strip. 

It is Monday, and that means you can now totally preorder Book 3: Shortpacked! Is Totally Gay This book covers the strips starting March 20, 2006, through September 8, 2006, plus a couple dozen Toy News International strips.  There's also (sometimes) insightful commentary from me on every page, plus "Galasso's Secret Files" on all the employees in the store. 

Oh.  And those of you on Twitter may know this already, but Book 3 has a foreword written by Bob Forward.  (It's a Forward Foreword!)  It's true, there's an introduction from the co-story editor of Beast Wars, as well as the writer of episodes for Transformers Animated, BraveStarr, G.I. Joe, the Legend of Zelda shorts for the Super Mario Bros Super Show, and... the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas episode, of course.  Naturally, I am beside myself.  It is a great honor.

So, basically, this book is really awesome.

I'm also opening preorders for the reprint of Book 1 with the awesome new cover.  You can either preorder it separately or... hey, look, you can preorder it in a bundle with Book 3 for $5 off.  How interesting.  Huzzah?  Huzzah.  Because it will very likely take a lot longer to gather up funds for this reprint of a book folks already have, the Bundle includes postage for two envelopes so that I can send Book 3 immediately when it gets here.  But if you want Book 3 held back for when both books are available, let me know and I'll refund you the additional postage. 

Preorder a book (or two) today!  Gail Simone says you have to.