March 4th, 2010


This is heavy.

Shortpacked!: Signs.

Look, it's another cover!

Panic time: I am practically out of Book 1.  I have maybe a dozen of them sitting behind my desk chair, half a box at my in-law's house in San Diego, and that's it.  No more!  (So, uh, yeah, mad dash if you want one of the very last copies.)

This means I gotta make more.  It's Book 1, which is The Most Important book.  At conventions, sometimes folks just won't buy any if they can't get "the first one."  More!  Must be more!  And the handful in San Diego won't last a day at San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

So let's try a different cover.  Different spin on the original title; probably the more obvious one.  Went all crazy painterly today, which is not a style I try regularly.  Killed my hand.  But it was worth it.

Look at it.  Paw at it.  Lick your screen.

I don't expect many people to preorder this second printing.  Most of you folks already have it.  (Or you'd better!)  But those of you who don't, let's see if we can't put a down payment on it or something.  I expect to have preorders for both this and Book 3 on Monday!  So gather your Paypal funds.  

Monday is coming.