March 3rd, 2010


Because Primal Prime won't fit in my lighting studio.

Shortpacked!: The easy way.

So this is the last day of WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK.  I was worried I wouldn't have enough stuff around that wasn't from the Beast Era Wreckers, but here I am on the last day, and here's our first.  

It's Apelinq!  He leads the Wreckers 300 years in the future.  And he transforms into a gorilla on a hoverboard.  Sure, you think this may be weird, but at least one of his arms isn't an anvil and the other arm another dude.  Actually, the hoverboard isn't real.  He digitally downloads it into reality using his Transfer Interlink.  He can digitally download pretty much anything into reality: guns, bigger guns, clubs, medics...  

Apelinq can do this because he is a Scientist.  A super scientist.  Like Jetfire, he's close to what TVtropes calls a "Flat-Earth Atheist."  Despite living in a world full of very verifiable deities and magical artifacts, he's all about technology and rationality, nor is he big on religion, and he has a supreme distrust of mysticism.  So, of course, he gets sent on a quest by the Oracle.  And, later, he gets transformed into half of an agent of God, a walking, living vessel of his power. 

Atheists just can't seem to catch a break.