March 2nd, 2010



Shortpacked!: I'd like to hear from bachelor #4, please.

WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK reaches a fever pitch as we burst through the wall of separation between the positive and negative universes and find ourselves in the hokey mirror madness that is Shattered Glass.  There was a group called the Wreckers in the mirrorverse as well, but they're all long dead.

Everyone, that is, except for their former leader Rodimus.

(See, I told you Wreckers die a lot.)

The evil Wreckers of Shattered Glass didn't seem to be strictly analogous to most Wreckers groups.  They weren't really affiliated or associated with the evil Autobots.  Rodimus may have thought Optimus Prime was pretty neat for suspending his dead enemies in tubes and talking to their corpses, but he refused to play second-fiddle to anybody, so the Wreckers remained autonomous. 

Of course, that all changed when the Wreckers all died in battle, so Rodimus was welcomed into the ranks of the Autobots and given command of the notorious Seekers.  Well, it sorta changed.  Like the Starscream of most universes, Rodimus plots for the day that he can kick his mighty leader off the hill and take command himself. 

And call himself Rodimus Prime.