March 1st, 2010



 Shortpacked!: Dick dick.

To the left a quick glimpse at the Mike statue in progress.  I've already sent off my suggested corrections for it, so it won't be the most recent revision for long.  (These guys are pretty quick at tweaking the sculpt with my suggestions.)

Hopefully in the next few days we can get some paint on it and then begin preorders in earnest.  Nothing stopping you from preordering now, though!

So I mentioned last week that the Allspark and Transformers Wiki had  teamed up to afford a 1986 Toy Fair catalog off eBay so that we could scan it for everyone in the world, and that there was a donation surplus so it evolved into a charity drive for Hasbro's Children's Hospital and we ended up raising friggin' $2340? 

Well, I got the catalog in the mail this afternoon and I've already scanned everything.  However, it's still WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK, so thankfully there were a few Wreckers in there, making it fair game for today's blog. 

Page seven, the Autobot Cars assortment page, has three Wreckers.  Inferno was sorta a member really late in the Marvel UK run entirely because Galvatron had killed every Wrecker but Springer and Broadside, and afterwards Inferno ended up tagging along.  It's weird how Wreckers get drafted that way.  So often it ends up being a team of Guys Who Accidentally Ended Up Hanging Out With The Remaining Wreckers.  Wreckers-by-association happens all the time.

Also on the page are Hot Rod and Kup.  Hot Rod's a Wrecker 300 years in the future during the Beast Era.  And even though he was once the leader of the friggin' Autobots and carried the Matrix of Leadership, "Rodimus" doesn't lead the Wreckers.  He lets Apelinq do that.  Rodimus really really hates leading.  Kup, meanwhile, was recently Wreckerized by Last Stand of the Wreckers.  He's a good fit since he's kind of violent and crazy.  (This is not exclusive to IDW's comics.  Kup was frighteningly murderous in Marvel, too.)

So on the right is a picture of Kup from that pre-Toy Fair 1986 catalog beside the actual toy.  The reason this catalog was so coveted is that almost all of the toys seen within it are incomplete or unfinished mockups.  Kup's certainly no exception.  Hell, his toy doesn't even have paint.  It does have early versions of his stickers, though!  (Not sure if his eyes are stickers or paint in that photo.  It's possible they're the only paint applications on the toy at the time.)  His sculpt is also an early version.  Check out his shoulders, which are missing the mechanical detailing seen on the final toy.  And, no, they're not just mistransformed so that the screws are facing up.  That's not what the underside of his toy's arms looks like.  Also note the difference in how his "hood" hinges to his shoulders - which piece is on the outside differs between them.  Oh, and his crotch splits apart differently for transformation.  In fact, I don't think anything on him is final. All of the sculpted shapes and details are slightly different -- if similar -- to the final production version. 

We nerds eat this shit up.

I didn't just scan the Transformers stuff from the catalog.  As I said, I wanted to share everything with everybody, so that meant I scanned the G.I. Joe stuff, the My Little Pony stuff, and even the damn Wuzzles stuff.  They're not suitable for the Transformers Wiki, so I'm hosting the images on my site, and you can find links to them here.