February 28th, 2010



Shortpacked!@TNI: The jets and the bees. 
Shortpacked!: Euphemism.

I had so much fun (nooooo) redrawing probably 30 strips last week on Maggie's Cintiq that I tried drawing some new strips on it for this week, now that I'm back in the Drawing New Comics business.  Today's and tomorrow's are completely digital.  We'll see if I stick to it or go back to the ol' tried and true smushed tree parts.

Oh, and, hey, don't forget about that Mike statue, which is still for preorder.  Chinese New Year popped up, which meant the sculptors took a two-week vacation, but progress is happening!  I think he's almost done, and hopefully the website can have a painted version on the page for you to look at soon.

This is WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK, not Revenge of the Fallen Awareness Week, so I won't go into to much detail about Mindwipe and his humpbuddy Skystalker.  Basically, have a photo.  That's about it.   There's two pegs underneath Skystalker, and two corresponding pegholes on top of Mindwipe.  The only reason we even knew this was gonna be possible ahead of time was that Hasbro mentioned the functionality at last year's BotCon.  It's not like this is in either of their instructions or anything.  Nor do either of their bios mention the other.  Weird.

But back to Wreckers.  I told you I'd have to dig deep, so here is, uh, Scoop.  Look how... vintage he is.  Yeah.  Um.  He's not in the best shape.  He could definitely benefit from some Reprolabels.  Or maybe his two Targetmaster partners that I lost 20 years ago. 

Scoop's not often with the Wreckers.  In fact, he was only part of their gang during IDW's "Stormbringer" miniseries.  His job seemed to be helping Twin Twist pave the way for the heavier hitters to make their move, mostly by plowing through obstacles or digging a path or tunnel.  

And then we never saw him again.

Which isn't too surprising, as long as you're willing to assume he's probably dead.   As Last Stand of the Wreckers reminds us, the Wreckers blow through their ranks frighteningly fast.  Springer, who's no stranger to sending wave after wave of mechs to die, is beginning to grow weary of assembling teams just to see 'em mowed down.  Considering the comparative longevity of other Wreckers members, somebody's gotta be the dude who's among those who get picked off.  Or maybe Scoop is retired from the Wreckers like Roadbuster and Sandstorm, who knows. 

But what we do know is that this Scoop needs some new damn stickers.