February 26th, 2010



Joyce and Walky!: Sweet nothings.

I got my banners!  Remember the banners?  Well, I got 'em.  These are them.

Phew.  They're a little bigger than I expected.  I'll have to save use of all three of them for cons when I'm at not-a-tiny booth.  The Shortpacked! one looks fine by itself, though, which is most important. 

Those are not my Babylon 5 DVDs.  

Another note: tomorrow my buddy Graham's having a birthday party.  Specifically, it's a mustache party.  Two and a half weeks ago, he warned us that we can't come to his birthday party without a mustache.  And so I stopped shaving the morning after Toy Fair.  And, well, I'm not just gonna grow only  a damn mustache for two weeks.  I try to look as little as a pedophile as possible.  So I tried just growin' the whole beard out, opting to shave everything but the mustache at the last minute.

Do you see two weeks worth of beard growth?


Yeah, my manliness is insufficient.  I hear Paul Southworth can grow a beard in like a day.

It's still WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK!  Here's your promised Wreckers for the day.  These four should hold you until Sunday night, because tomorrow night, as mentioned, is Graham's birthday party.  And I generally don't blog on Saturday nights anyway, so.

Andrew Sorohan/Jhiaxus/Boltax generously snapped this photo for me.  These are the newbie Wreckers introduced in Last Stand of the Wreckers, and they're mostly Europe-only late G1 releases, so I sure as heck don't have them.  And I wouldn't these days without throwing down a wad of cash.  In other words, I hope Hasbro or BotCon make new versions of these guys sometime.  

These guys haven't gotten any characterization until LSotW, and because LSotW is so awesome, I now feel like I know them all and they're so awesome.  There's Rotorstorm on the left, who's a showy-but-likable braggart.  In the middle is Ironfist, a Wreckers fanboy-turned-recruit, who goes "Squeee!" in the presence of his heroes.  He's really embarrassed about this, by the way, but he can't help it.  On the right, in the back, the guy who looks like Optimus Prime is Pyro, a guy who also acts like Optimus Prime.  Everyone else makes fun of him for this.  And the small guy on the right in front of Pyro is Guzzle, who's as tough and triggerhappy as he is short and stout. 

I will be so sad when the story inevitably starts killing them off.  But that's basically what happens to Wreckers.  To read Last Stand of the Wreckers, like adopting a puppy, is to invite sadness into your life.  You're going to outlive them.  You will.  And then you will cry.