February 25th, 2010



Shortpacked!: The Lost Episode

Tonight's strip is a never-webpublished Toy News International strip.  Why didn't it ever go live?  Well, mostly because it wasn't very good.  This was one of the very early ones, back when I had an extra one in buffer.  TNI kept on choosing the one-I-just-uploaded over this one because they liked them better, and eventually it got lost and forgotten.  So, hooray, enjoy this shitty strip.  The story is, there was once a The Batman toy called "Negative Threat Batman."  It's funny because that sounds supremely unflattering.

Nick Roche has declared this week WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK in his blog, along with a linkback to Shortpacked!'s deification of him.  Thanks, Mr. Roche!  So keep on buying Last Stand of the Wreckers, folks.  The first one sold out!  It'd be nifty if #2 sold out as well.  

It was suggested that in honor of WRECKERS AWARENESS WEEK I throw up a daily image of a Wreckers toy.  That is an awesome idea, though it is dulled slightly by the fact that I've showcased quite a few Wreckers-designated toys recently by virtue of my "hey check out what I'm photographing for the Transformers Wiki now" series of blogposts.  So, well, I'll have to dig deep for this.

With that in mind, enjoy the original Springer.  I bought him loose at BotCon 2001, the year 3H's Beast Era Wreckers comic book series premiered.  I wanted some Wreckers toys, dammit.  Note the Wreckers symbol sticker on Springer's chest, which I ganked from that year's Wreckers Tigatron exclusive.  He had two of them on the sticker sheet, so the extra one had to go on somebody.  

Also, hey, those are Reprolabels stickers.  Possibly from the time that you had to cut them out with a blade yourself, before they Upgraded Their Technology.  They're not very flattering stickers, are they?  Especially the ones on the legs, where it looks like all his circuit boards and wires are hanging out of his knees.  The stickers make Springer look naked and exhibitionist.  He's got it all hangin' out.

So check this out.  It started with a tongue-in-cheek suggestion from me, oddly and joyously became reality, and then morphed into a full-fledged Hasbro Children's Hospital Charity Drive.  If you've got five bucks to spare, then we'll make sure Hasbro's Childrens Hospital gets it!  And look soon for an auction from me for the Toy Fair 1986 Hasbro catalog that started the whole thing, with the proceeds going to that same charity.