February 24th, 2010


More like BREAKdown, mirite? Wait, that's his actual name?

Shortpacked!: Five years later I married her.

Lookit me, skipping to the very last Shortpacked v1.0 strip on a Thursday.  Huh.

I almost totally forgot I had Brakedown!  See, I bought him shortly before going on our trip to Toy Fair, and I kept him in my coat pocket.  And, uh, since then whenever I felt him in there I assumed he was my phone.

So, hey.  Here he is.

Yeah, I kinda bought him to be G1 Breakdown.  I woulda SUPERbought him if he were decoed like G2 Breakdown, but that's probably not gonna happen.  Damn.  As is, I only bought him.  (There's a distinct difference between buying something and SUPERbuying.  And SUPERbuying is not quite as extreme as buying the FUCK outta something.  There's a hierarchy.)

Anyway, that's why he's hanging out with Drag Strip in the photo on the right.

Brakedown himself (spelled differently now probably for trademark reasons or possibly because "breakdown" isn't terribly flattering) transforms into an adorable little car.  Really adorable.  You want to cuddle it like a hamster.  And then it unfolds backwards-like into a robot, with the hood becoming the feet and the ass of the car becoming the chest.  The entire roof of the car doubles over on itself and hangs off his back. 

And he ends up as this gorilla-armed robot.  Definitely the movie-influence creeping in there, but he's not weird enough that he'll stand out too much hanging out with Drag Strip.  The normalish head helps.