February 23rd, 2010


A very accurate title.

Shortpacked!: My buddy Steve

These days I room with a different Steve. 

Today I dedicated myself to the cover to Book 3.  I actually started drawing it late last night, and finished the coloring sometime early this afternoon.  "Shortpacked! Is Totally Gay" seems like an appropriate title for the book that includes Ethan's realization of his homosexuality, plus it lended some serious potential for awesome covers.  I had a few nonstarter ideas, but...

...man, this was two years ago...

...some reader who I can't remember suggested I parody this GIJOE catalog image.  And holy crap, it was a perfect fit for what I needed.  So, hey, Guy Who Suggested It, you rule.  And I ended up with more room on the right-hand-side than I expected, so I threw in Reagan as well.  Nifty nifty.

I may not be able to top this cover on the following Shortpacked! volumes.

Once I got the cover out of the way, I threw eight pages worth of Toy News International strips into the back of the book.  And then discovered I needed to redraw two of those as well, and got that over with.  And then redrew two more normal strips which I've yet to color or dialog.

But it's pushing through.  I think I can get this done by Friday.  That's my goal, anyway.