February 22nd, 2010


Look out for Snoopy!

Shortpacked!: Twofer!

The very horizontal shapes of my prototypical Shortpacked! strips are not terribly well-suited to the layout of my current website, so today I've stacked two on top of each other for your viewing pleasure. 

Meanwhile, in Book Three Progress Land, I managed to crank out eight redrawn strips today, with nine and a half left to go.  (One's inked but not colored or dialogued.)  I am a tracing machine.  A tracing machine with a wrist brace, currently.  I don't need it quite yet, but it's there as a preventative measure.  I know my limits, and I'm about to reach them.

But I'm on such a roll!

A few days ago I mentioned the awesome alternate modes of Revenge of the Fallen's Scout Class toys, the forklift and bi-plane in particular.  Well, hot damn, the bi-plane has been redecoed.  And I generally don't go for redecoes for redecoes-sake, but now this toy is the goddamn Red Baron.  

The goddamned Red Baron, people.

His name is Divebomb, and he's a new body for the Divebomb character from the first film, who was a yellow and brown Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet. Divebomb wanted to honor Ransack, the previous use of this mold, so he rescanned himself as a bi-plane.  But, uh oh, he learns pretty quick that this wasn't the greatest idea once he entered combat. 

Despite my joy at owning this awesome transforming Red Baron, there are some downpoints.  Objectively, I think I might prefer Ransack's colors on this toy, since they made him look all old and worn out.  Divebomb's bright red and black is simpler in comparison, and the red plastic shows through the white paint.  White paint's like that on dark colors.  But the big thing is that this toy really falls apart.  Everything pops off way too easily.  It's not fun. 

But Red Baron!