February 21st, 2010


Workin' for the weekend

Shortpacked!@TNI: RETRIBUTION!
Shortpacked!: Reruns

I said last week I'd be running some filler, and I'm a man of my word!  This week's strips are from "Shortpacked v1.0," a prototypical, autobiographical version of the strip you know today.  These comics haven't seen the Internet for half a decade, so enjoy this fleeting looksie.  (If you want all of them, they're compiled in Shortpacked! Book One.)

I'm taking this mini-vacation to throw myself full-bodied into finishing Shortpacked! Book Three.  There's like a dozen strips that my old laptop lost that I gotta redraw.  And then there's everything else that I usually gotta do, like drawing the cover, writing commentary, and creating special exclusive material.  The image to the right is one page from Book Three's special features that I put together this weekend.  It's one of "Galasso's Secret Files," which will give the lowdown on each of the cast members from Galasso's perspective as he decides on a potential heir.  

It's amazing how quickly I can blow through this mindblowing amount of work with everything else cleared off the table.  I'm pretty good when I'm focused!  I think I got through 50% of the work in just this past weekend.  Man, if I didn't have to do my actual job, I could get so much done.

Stupid reality!