February 18th, 2010


Three Renegades, no Guardians.

Shortpacked!: As per reader request.

The first few waves of ROTF Scout Class dudes had two really interesting alt-modes.  There was Ransack the bi-plane (holy cow) and Dirt Boss the forklift.  Neither had been done in Transformers before, but a forklift was done in Go-Bots.  I had that Go-Bot!  His name was Spoons!  And so I almost bought Dirt Boss because I miss Spoons, who was awesome.

was blessed for waiting, 'cuz Hasbro done up and redecoed Dirt Boss as Spoons.  Ha ha ha ha, awesome.  His name is "Deadlift," because, well, "Spoons" is not only a dippy name, but it's probably not an easy trademark to defend.  It's just a plural common noun.  Also, "Deadlift" is a pretty awesome name, so I'm okay with it.  Deadlift's job is carrying corpses off the battlefield to the Smelting Pool.  (He probably sees Straxus ever so often, not that that's a good idea if one wants to remain living.)

Plus, hey, bonus orange!  Spoons was orange, so that's expected, but I still appreciate a good orange toy.  And "MR-34" is tampoed on the side of his vehicle mode, which references Spoons' Machine Robo number.  

As far as I'm concerned, Deadlift only has one downside.  He's packaged with Beachcomber, who I was ambivalent about.  Anybody want a Beachcomber?