February 17th, 2010


Add him to my Voiced By Tom Kenny collection

Shortpacked!: Don't draw much of Ethan from the front, for whatever reason.

I think I may do another filler week next week.  I really need to get Book 3 done in time for conventions this summer, but considering the number of old strips I have to redraw to complete it, that's not gonna happen as long as I have all these other strips to draw.  I get enough hand cramps as it is.  So I'll find something to run next week.  Probably some Shortpacked! V1.0 stuff, since that hasn't been on the Net for years.  We'll see.  

Deluxe Wheelie just wasn't gonna happen for me.  He's taller robot than most of the other Deluxes in the Revenge of the Fallen line, and he's supposed to be tiny!  So I ended up with this Legends Class version of him.  This almost didn't happen, because most stores everywhere seemed to have skipped his wave entirely.  No him, no Soundwave, no nothing.  

But I noticed there were some sightings of him at Kmart, and so I checked there, and hey, there he was.  Congratulations.  I now own a toy of a character that is most known for his leg-humping proclivities.  Yeah, I'm stoked.

He's a simple toy, of course.  And if you look at him from the back in RC truck mode, that just destroys the whole illusion.  He's a wall of robot parts back there.  His face just peers straight out the back.  

Sure am glad I went out of my way to get him.  Hrn.