February 16th, 2010



Shortpacked!: A crossover revisited.

At Toy Fair, Mattel showed off their DC Comics vs Masters of the Universe series, which is coming to retail later this year.  It's not totally out of left field, since there was a crossover way way back when, and Mattel currently does DC and owns He-Man.  Lex vs Skeletor will likely be mine.

(I dunno about you guys, but He-Man in my head talks in a stilted third-persony way, like he's an actual barbarian.  I cannot support this with any established MOTU canon as far as I know.)  

Today, pleasantly enough, Beast Wars Grimlock came in the mail.  I know, I just reviewed his Masterpiece version yesterday!  Oh, fortuitous timing.  Like I planned it.  A few weeks ago, I noted that I only had Thrustor left before I owned all of the versions of Beast Wars Dinobot's mold.  That was a lie!  I totally forgot Beast Wars Grimlock!  I like to forget Beast Wars Grimlock because he's hard to find in one piece.  He's hard to find in one piece because he crumbles.  His gold plastic is brittle.  He's got Gold Plastic Syndrome.  And so, a not-destroyed specimen can be uncommon.  Getting him would be a pain in the ass.  Something to do in the abstract, far in the future.

But I lucked out.  I found a loose one for not much, and he came in the mail today.  He's not broken, he's complete, and his joints are still stiff.  Score!  I'm gonna be super-careful with him, I tell you what.  Not that it'll matter.  His time will come.  

Oh, his time will come.

But in the meantime, I'm ever-closer to COMPLETE DINOBOT MOLD POWER.  Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.