February 14th, 2010


My special Straxus! There is no other like it!

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Hey, I'm back everyone!

I'm still helping put together TFwiki's coverage of Hasbro's Collector Event at Toy Fair 2010, but thought I'd drop a few notes here.  It was a pretty sweet time!  Not only did we get to see some upcoming toys and footage of the upcoming Transformers War for Cybertron video game, but I also got to run all around New York City.  Times Square was pretty easy to cross off the list, since Hasbro's Toy Fair showroom was just around the corner.  (You know, in Grand Theft Auto IV, that area is drivable.  I was very disappointed to see it was mostly sidewalk.  Shattered illusions!)  We got some barbecue, rode the subway, went to a few bars late at night, and Maggie and I had Thai food with her friend Selina because it was coincidentally her birthday. 


Toy Fair is kind of like BotCon, except there's only fifty people, it's roughly four hours, and you don't get to go home with anything.  First we sat in a small auditorium while Hasbro representatives from Marvel, Transformers, G.I.Joe, and Star Wars took turns going through their Powerpoint presentations.  Then we were sent into the showrooms below group-by-group.  M Sipher and I were group 2 ("Transformers," of course), so that meant we got twenty minutes in there alone with the other Group 2ers before everyone was allowed to cross-pollinate. 

The most exciting news of the day (to me, anyway) is something I can't actually show you!  A toy was shown in the slideshow, where photos or video weren't allowed, but wasn't seen in the showroom or the downloadable stock photography.  (Most people kind of rudely ignored this, so you can find an image of what I'm talking about if you look around, but Tfwiki.net chooses to respect Hasbro's polite request.) 

Anyway, we're getting a toy of Straxus.  Holy crap!  They can't call him Straxus because someone else is using a similar name, so they've opted to name him after the fortress he rules, Darkmount.  This toy is the sweetest thing.  He's a Deluxe Class toy, and a Triple Changer.  He transforms from robot to tank to weapons platform.  And he has his pick-axe weapon, even.  And his colors?

Well, Straxus had very inconsistent colors in the two American comic book issues in which he appeared.  Sometimes it'd change from panel to panel.  But get this: Monzo, the wiki's Hasbro Liaison, is also the author of the "Obscure Transformers Omnibus," a collection of images and information about Transformers who never got toys but were created solely to fill out comic book issues and cartoon episodes.  Monzo updates this thing ever so often and gives a copy to Hasbro every year.  And they use it, too.  Monzo's one of Hasbro's favorite peoples.  What I'm getting to is, Straxus is on the cover of that publication, drawn by Andrew Sorohan, and the upcoming toy uses that Straxus's color layout exactly.  (It's got his first issue appearance's red biceps and white forearms with the second issue's gold chest.)  The cover of that fan publication is the only place that specific color arrangement appears.

I colored that art. 

So, yay for me!  I decoed Straxus!