February 11th, 2010


Okey dokey, Blaster.

 Shortpacked!: I'm off to see the blizzard!

It's totally true!

Oh my god.

So anyway, LJ got their act together and my frontpage works again.  It's sad, 'cuz I was holding off talking about my awesome Masterpiece King Grimlock until I was certain everything was in proper working order, and then LJ fixed the bug like an hour ago.  Grarr!

So I will give you a quick picture of him anyway!  He is another one of those toys that is like sex.  The problem with most Grimlock toys is that they just aren't... big enough.  Grimlock is huge.  He's bigger than Optimus Prime.  He transforms into a t-rex while the Autobots transform into sports cars.  And so I'm very happy to have a Grimlock that's appropriately huge.  

Anyway, need to stop gushing about him before I spoil everything I was gonna say about him later. 

We're gonna get in a car tomorrow!  We're gonna drive to New Jersey to stay with some pals!  (They're getting married later this year, on October 10, 2010.  It's pretty awesome.  We're gonna go see it.) 

And then the day after, M Sipher and I are gonna transit into New York City.  Never been there before!  It'll be fun.  Am I gonna meet Tina Fey?