February 10th, 2010



Shortpacked!: Such is the way of fandom.

Livejournal's customer service finally got back to me about that thing they did that causes my site to hemorrhage.  They've actually fixed the problem, but will release the "patch" that fixes this problem in a future update.  Great.  Well, woo.  I'll just have fun manually coding my site every night in the meantime.

Let's talk more about Reprolabels!  I didn't just get the Animated Shockwave set, but I also picked up some more Classics "upgrade" stuff. 

For example, Smokescreen over there was just begging for some more sophisticated looking "38"s.  The ones underneath the stickers looked like they were put together in five seconds using Arial Black.  The stickers that supersede them expand the "38" to fill the entire box, which reduces the eyesore by a lot.  It's still not the deco I would want in a perfect world, which would be a completely redesigned, modern-looking race deco instead of the old 1984 thing, but at least it ain't so ugly no more.

There were also some additional white stripes to put along the running boards of the car, plus some stickers I applied to his elbows because I thought they looked neat.  I don't tend to use all of the stickers that come on these "upgrade sheets."  Just the ones I think would improve the toys.  The sticker that covers the "38" on the roof, though, I'm not very happy with.  You can really tell there's a sticker there 'cuz the red's not quite the right color.  Needs to be more vibrant. 

Inferno got some tiny white stickers to bring out his "ears."  That I really like because that's detail that gets lost in his overall head sculpt otherwise.  I also threw in the new headlight stickers and the chrome bumper liner.  With the headlight stickers, I hit a snag.  Dunno if it was just my set or if it was a widespread thing, but the stickers for the left-handed headlights weren't perforated from the sheet.  But no big deal.  I grabbed an exacto knife and did the deed myself, all oldschool.  Boxes thankfully aren't rough shapes to cut out.  

Anyway, Inferno and Smokescreen are pretty gay for each other.  I believe I've been over this before.