February 9th, 2010


Poor Blurr.

Shortpacked!: Hope springs eternal.

I have a pile of new toys yet, but I thought I'd keep the Animated theme going. 

Recently I got a batch of Reprolabels in the mail, and "upgrade" stickers for "Real Colors" Animated Shockwave.  Y'know, the purple one.  Target exclusive.  Within a glorious two-day window, could have been scored for like $5.  That one.

Detail-painting the original gray version was a bit easier for me, since it involved adding black.  Black is easy!  It covers up colored plastic real nice, since it's dark.  But what Purple Shockwave was missing was red detailing, for the most part.  That's a bit rougher.  And so I put it off.

And put it off.

And then Reprolabels swooped down and saved me.  Hooray! 

So now Shockwave has red marks on his knees and abdomen.  Oh, and the red inside his barrel.  There were some purple stickers to line the inside of his shoulder-tread-tower-things.  There's some small circular stickers that go on his ankles and the canisters at his hips.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.   I'm just listing the stuff you see in this one mode of his, out of four.

Anyway, woo.

EDIT:  As Maggie was reading this blog post just now, she turned to me.  "Four modes?"  Y'know, like I'd made a mistake.  No, I assured her.  Four modes.  Two robots, two vehicles.

Her jaw dropped.

Now, she's familiar with the Animated cartoon.  But the toys not so much.  So I handed her Graywave, and she was absolutely beside herself.  "Oh my god, the engineering..."