February 8th, 2010


The young old guy.

Shortpacked!: Quick!  Watch sports and drink beer!

Animated Arcee shipped with Cybertron Mode Ratchet.  Now, Ratchet toys aren't exactly scarce, so he arrives with much smaller fanfare from most.  But you know me and my Ratchets.

This toy represents Ratchet when he was younger, in his pre-Earth body.  His forehead crest is still intact and he hasn't quite grown his gut yet.  There's no lines under his eyes or dents in his jaw. 

People are much less excited about this mold as Ratchet as they are for what this mold was intended to be later down the line.  With a new head and a new paintjob, he's a good Animated Ironhide, who never got an Earth mode on the show.  At last year's BotCon, they showed us a graycopy prototype of the Ironhide version of this tooling, and they maintained that he'll still come out, somehow.  I hope he does!  It'd kinda suck if he didn't.  

This Ratchet still has the "wound" where his EMP weapon should store.  Chronologically, he wouldn't have lost it to Lockdown yet, so to "complete" this toy you need to borrow Lockdown's accessory.  Unfortunately, same as the Earth Mode Ratchet toy, the EMP weapon doesn't really stay put on his arm.  I may have to dremel into the hole later to fix this.  

That's admittedly a downside to the mold.  Another is that the vehicle mode is kind of unsatisfying to me.  It's very accurate to what it looked like on the show, and it technically doesn't do anything more than the Earth vehicle does, but my feelings exist anyway.  I think part of the reason is that it doesn't look very nice from the side.  You can plainly see Ratchet's crotch and thighs doing their required contortions.

He comes with a pair of accessories, and unlike the Earth Mode toy, he can actually store them all in both modes.  Earth Ratchet came with a large assortment of tools.  You could shove them down his back in robot mode, but had to put them aside for vehicle mode.  They wouldn't fit inside, nor could they attach to his outside.  Meanwhile, Cybertron Ratchet only comes with two defibrillator pads. You can either lock them into place over his fists or hang them off the back of his vehicle/robot.    He also has an action feature built into his right forearm.  If you push a tab on his elbow, his fist is geared to push forward.  "Clear!"  Or "Punch!" maybe, who knows.  

(My Earth Mode Ratchet is, if you remember, heavily modified.  I painted extra detail, added Reprolabels, and he's sporting accessories from a Unicron.com Animated accessory pack.  I figger this is an important disclaimer.)