February 7th, 2010


Girl with wings captivates Willis, film at 11

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So Arcee was introduced in the 1986 animated movie as a pink and white female Transformer who transformed into a car.  They planned a toy but scrapped it.  No Arcee toy for anyone!  But everyone wants an Arcee toy. 

In 2001, Arcee was a BotCon exclusive.  She was a redeco of Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia, and transformed into a spider.  Hey, it's the right colors!

In 2004, the first mainline Arcee toy was introduced.  She transformed into a motorcycle.  That's closer!  She's a vehicle!  (In 2007, she'd be a motorcycle again.  In 2009 she'd be three motorcycles.)

In 2008, the first Arcee toy that transformed into a car was released.  In Japan.  Hooray!  The right alternate mode!  .... and she's just a redeco of Decepticharge, so she looks nothing like herself.  But almost there!  So close!  So very very close!

And now, in 2010, there's a toy that looks like Arcee and transforms into a car for the Animated toy line.  Mission accomplished?  (Well, not if you wanted one that wasn't in an Animated style.  Ah-heh.)  But hey, look how far we've come.  Step by step.  Budge by budge.  This toy is like 99% the toy you wanted when you were a kid.  (Or, well, if you're a boy, probably the toy you wanted once you stopped hating girls.  And started loving toys again.) 

I'm not disappointed, actually.  You think I would, after the hype.  But in fact, I like this toy a lot.  And I don't even like Arcee that much!  And it's not like she, uh, did a lot in the Animated cartoon.  She was more of a MacGuffin than a character.  She was a prop.  And yet I'm pretty damn satisfied with her.  She's pleasing.  I like her pair of swords that she can stow in her shoulders.  I like how she looks when she holds her swords.  I like her clip-on wings.  I like her transformation. 

I don't like the lack of paint on her face, but I fixed that easily enough.   Put some black around the eyes and colored in her lips.  No big effort there.

Something I noticed while examining this toy is that between her first and third season appearances, Arcee suddenly sprouted some vehicle kibble.  Hasbro didn't expect to make a toy at first, and neither did Cartoon Network, so she wasn't even designed with an alt-mode in mind.  She was just a Derrick Wyatted version of the original Arcee.  But when she showed up in the third season (and suddenly became very important, if not really a character) she suddenly had wheels shoved into her shoulderblades and her vehicle mode cockpit hanging off her tush.  Hmmm!  Crafty.