February 4th, 2010


Still voiced by Lance Henriksen? We hope so.

Shortpacked!: Left behind.

Dude, totally check out Daelin's LEGO Shortpacked! store.  It is fantastic.

Yay, Animated!  I love being reminded that this show existed.  I mean, I know it was only like a year ago, but it seems so long ago.  There was this movie with robotesticles in it, I think, and everything else in that time frame has been a blurr.

But Hasbro's making sure Animated isn't forgotten in their own ways.  Sure, there's still Animated toys trickling out (like the Ratchet and Arcee shown, which I found at Toys"R"Us this morning), but they've also begun introducing its characters into other toylines in different styles.  Like Lockdown!  He was a character introduced to Animated, and was absolutely exclusive to it... until this toy came along.

It's movie-style Lockdown!  And he's friggin' awesome.

Not much was lost in the translation from cartoony-to-realism, either.  He actually transforms sort of... flipped backwards from the original toy, with the car roof on his chest instead of his back, but it still gives the same effect.  He is a little shorter.  Not by much, since he has a similar "fold-in-half-to-become-the-vehicle"-type transformation, but he doesn't stretch out quite as much as a robot.

Awesomer still is that he's still compatible with the new Deluxe-mold movie Ratchet.  The engine block weapon can unplug from his arm and be replaced by movie Ratchet's cannon.  It's a special plug-shape that only works between them, vaguely shaped like Animated Ratchet's war wound.  Sadly, the engine block weapon can't likewise plug into Ratchet's arm.  But it can plug into his, uh, roof, if you really want. 

His hook and hand are very rubbery.

To help Lockdown sync with the movie style, he has new digitigrade legs, open leg panels, and a more skeletal and hyper-detailed look overall.  This actually works pretty damn well for Lockdown.  He was always a skinny, weird-lookin' spikey dude.  And he still is.  Though since he's accepted as looking so weird, the toy would work pretty well as a Classics/Universe version of Lockdown as well, I believe.  I could probably slip him into my Classics Decepticons shelf without causing too many doubletakes. 

I hope Hasbro does a Bulkhead or Lugnut in an upcoming line.  I'd love to see more Animated-original characters done in other styles.