February 3rd, 2010


Is Bumblebee gonna have to choke a bitch?

Shortpacked!: Is it safe?

I wasn't sure whether I was gonna pick up this Target-exclusive Legends two-pack.  Bumblebee would end up immediately in a bin somewhere, for example.  And I wasn't sure I if I needed Shadow Striker.  Sure, she uses the name of an old BotCon character, but is that enough?

On the other hand, the profile written for these two is... interesting.  To sum up, Shadow Striker is really sarcastic.  So Bumblebee is going to kill her. 

Yeah, um.  There's not quite enough information in the bio to suggest whether Bumblebee is actually justified in giving this lady a beatdown.  He's frustrated and he feels insulted, and apparently nobody likes her, but it's still kind of devoid of real justification for Bumblebee's intended retaliation.  Hell, half the words to describe Shadow Striker make her sound like potentially a fun person to be around!  Is sarcasm so wrong?  Is it because it's unladylike?

Basically, I feel like Bumblebee's painted here as kind of a misogynist, whether that was intended or not.  (Prooooobably not.)

Anyway, the tipping point is that the pair was just $6.99.  One Legend is just $5, so that's a great deal.  And if I eventually decide I don't care about our gal Shadow Striker here, I can pretend she's Shattered Glass Wheelie