February 2nd, 2010


Big arts.

Shortpacked!: RETRIBUTION!

Hey, did you know that Shortpacked! turned five years old last month on the 17th? Yeah, uh, I guess I sorta forgot.  


Well, at least you all were spared some back-patting hamfisted anniversary strip.  It's hard to resist those. 

Meanwhile, I've started gearing up for this year's conventions.  I'm going to a lot of them!  And, well, my old banner display thingy is starting to show its age.  It's got ancient art, the old logo, and I didn't really give the printer a high enough DPI.  So, gross.  

But I'm Mr. Moneybags now, so I'm gonna replace the one banner display with THREE!  Mwahahaha.  And they'll all line up to show a bigger picture.  And if I don't have room behind the booth for all three at a particular convention, I can just use one or two instead!  

So that's is what I've cooked up.  Have some art. 

Long time readers may boggle at the idea that Shortpacked! has now run longer than It's Walky!.  (Well, minus Roomies!.  It'll be two more years for that.)