February 1st, 2010


Nigh-complete Dinobot power!

Shortpacked!: Robin knows the score.

Hey, if you want yesterday's strip at printable size, email me.  I'll give you a link.

I've got myself a Dinotron!  Well, most of him.  I was dumb and didn't read that he was missing his tail, and I didn't notice that the eBay auction said he was missing his tail until I got him and noticed his tail was missing and I re-read the auction to make sure it was my fault and not the seller's.  Reading comprehension is apparently not my thing.  (It really isn't.  It was always my worst score in achievement tests.)

But no big.  I bought a cheap junker Dinotron that had the sword immediately thereafter, and soon he will arrive.  

I got Dinotron to complete my Dinobot collection.  I'm thiiiiiiiiis close to having every iteration and retool of the original Dinobot mold.  All that's left is Thrustor.  And it's really dumb, because I once had a Thrustor and I sold it.

Stupid.  Stupid.

Oh well.  I'll get him eventually.

And then I will feel complete.