January 31st, 2010

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Up from the depths, thirty stories high!

Shortpacked!@TNI: Well, it was a crappy playset anyway.
Shortpacked!: FIX'D!

About tonight's strips:  Yeah, I guess Playmates is shelving both TMNT and Star Trek so that they can make Shrek IV and Michael Jackson stuff.  Alrighty.  Oh, and I saw some Revenge of the Fallen Valentine's Day cards in stores and was really disappointed by them.  So you're welcome, I guess.

Ha ha ha, I remember a few days ago I was talking about this year being a Transformers lull.  It's funny, because the next day everything that was sort of hovering off in the distance that I kinda really wanted started to drop into stores simultaneously.  That 5% of toys I was after all came out at once. 

The Legends-scale Devastator is one of them.  I think we caught wind of this guy long before Revenge of the Fallen even came out in theatres.  He's been a long time coming.  And after what feels like a million years, here he finally is.  This Devastator's unique in that he's the only version of ROTF Devastator whose components can transform into robots as well as vehicles. 

The reason for this is understandable, after playing with this guy.  Legends Class Devastator is the perfect size for this kind of undertaking.  He's about the size of a Deluxe; any bigger, and I think he'd basically be unmanageable.  The $100 sized one is probably smart to keep him playable when combined.  You should be able to bash him around.  He shouldn't be a two-foot tangle of balljoints. 

Legends Devastator has just enough articulation in combined mode to be interesting.  His legs don't do much besides rotate at the thigh, but his arms and head do get some movement.  He's got elbows, for what it's worth, and some limited shoulder rotation.  His head is on a balljoint and can look around as well.  The toy is most pleasing to me when he's in this form. 

Devastator is also unique in that he's made up of seven guys.  The $100 version omits Overload, the red hauler that forms the super robot's crotch.  He also has the only toys of Overload, Scrapper, and Hightower that transform into robots.  Those three have no individually-sold toys.  Now, technically, this still isn't a full roster of the guy we see form Devastator in the film.  Two mysterious dudes show up for a few seconds to make small parts of Devastator, in addition to the seven we see here - one guy forms his left hand and the other forms half of a leg.  But other than those guys (which Hasbro ignores in its marketing), this Devastator is complete.

And he holds together pretty well!  Lots of tabs and slots.  The whole thing is pretty ingenius, engineering-wise, and not at the expense of his component parts.  Other than Mixmaster, they're all solid toys even when you ignore that they're combiner parts. 

A Walmart exclusive, Devastator's $32, which is about $3 less than the $5-per-component you'd have to spend on his pieces individually.  (Not that you can.)  With that in mind he's not a bad value, but he's only about the size of a deluxe, so he doesn't seem as good a deal when out on the store shelves next to other toys.

But I love him.