January 28th, 2010

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Girls on wheels!

Shortpacked!: Can't touch this.

Well, I went out this morning hoping to find Animated Arcee.  I didn't!  I guess I'll have to enjoy this live-action Arcee in the meantime.  Drat.

(Please excuse the asymmetrical paintjob on Deluxe Ratchet's shoulders.  I've been absent-mindedly paint detailing one side of his vehicle mode in my free time.)

Legends Class Arcee here is the first transforming toy I've owned of any of the three Arcee bikes from the film.  I was sorta waiting for this one, since it was small.  I don't need toys of them that large, really.  They're motorcycles!  They're tiny!  And I'm actually pretty okay with life if Hasbro never makes the other two in this size.  In fact, I'm counting on it at this point in the toyline, even though there's a mysterious connector peg behind Legends Arcee's rear wheel.  Hmmm.

Waiting wasn't so bad, either!  I like this little toy.  It's pretty damn complicated for a Legends Class toy.  Maybe it's partly because she only has one leg to give pieces to, but she is dense with hinges and balljoints. 

Thank God there's some ridges alongside her two wheel-halves which allow her to stand.  It's not terribly easy to do so, since she has a precarious center-of-balance, but it's doable.  The Deluxe versions of her kinda cheat, giving her a little stand that folds out of other parts of the vehicle.  Those are probably more stable, but ruin the visual effect.  S'pose that's the tradeoff.  She's much less visibly held up by something, but she's much more easily knocked over.  Y'know how it is. 

I really like her shade of pink.  

Y'know, I'm pretty sure Columbus area stores completely skipped over the previous wave of Legends Class figures.  I never ever saw a Wheelie or Soundwave, and I was kinda wanting the former.  And neither of them is in this new assortment.  D'oh.