January 21st, 2010

too!, Frenzy wants to read

Nooo! Too many sonic booms!

Shortpacked!: No one is spared dysfunction.

Hey, it's new toys!  For real!  Well, "new."  They are both redecoes.  Two redecoes that I wasn't really interested in.  You're probably wondering, what aspect of my OCD compelled me to purchase these guys?  Well.

The Battlefield Bumblebee vs Infiltration Soundwave two-pack is part of this spring's "NEST Global Alliance" campaign.  Inside this two-pack is an order form for an exclusive mail-in Ravage toy.  You affix the included sticker from this two-pack to the order form, plus two additional stickers from other specially-marked packages, throw in $5 for shipping, and in 6-8 weeks you get a "free" Recon Ravage.  Well, you know me and Ravages.  I'm all heck yeah.

Unfortunately, this set is required.  It comes with the order form, y'see, plus the "starter sticker" which I was surprised to learn is identical to the one I got with Bludgeon.  I thought maybe it would be visually distinguishable, but naw.  So I plunked down $20 for these two so I could get my Ravage.  

Now, it's not all frowns.  Sure, the Bumblebee is totally unneeded.  The deco is practically identical to the original version of this mold, Cannon Bumblebee except for the orange dabs on his weaponry.  Oh, and he has his battle mask head.  I guess that's pretty neat.  I suppose I could swap the heads if I ever wanted to.  But Soundwave, on the other hand, is very pretty.  The original use of the mold barely had any deco, at least in my mind's eye.  I'm sure it had as many paint applications as any other toy its size, but I think of it as pretty bare.  Infiltration Soundwave, on the other hand, is great.  I especially love the red gradients on his solar panels that the packaging bio claims represent the heat of reentry.  I'm grateful for the spots of orange, too.  It's a drastic improvement on the mold.

And as a super bonus, the turnaround time from "get toy" to "toy appear in story" was a personal best.  Just this evening, the Hasbro website put up the first of a series of online webisodes, titled "Cyber Missions #1."  It's stupid-yet-cute, but more importantly to me right now it features Soundwave in this deco.  (We also learn that his secret weakness is automatic weaponry.  Or maybe multitasking.)  So, yeah.  I was kind of happy with that.  Impeccable timing, Hasbro, and kudos.  (Oh, and Bludgeon's there, too, in the character's first animated appearance.)

Since apparently Maggie dang threw my ROTF Dirge packaging away while I wasn't paying attention, I guess I have to wait for Ratchet to arrive from BigBadToyStore before I can complete my Recon Ravage order form.  I just need the one sticker!  And a check made out for $4.95.  And an envelope.  And postage.  And 6-8 weeks.

And a life, probably.