January 17th, 2010


He has a great personality.

Shortpacked!@TNI: Mattel has legs of differing lengths.
Shortpacked!: Something's different about him.  The blue shirt details?

Vice Grip was my first BotCon exclusive! 

He was, what, $8?  Vice Grip came in a baggy, hence the relatively low price for a BotCon exclusive.  Packaging is a huge portion of the cost when a run is that limited.  Back then, BotCon exclusives actually got to be surprises, so when I originally paid for him, he was just a checkbox for "smaller exclusive."  I didn't opt for the larger exclusive as well, since at the time, I didn't think I really wanted to spend the money on some nobody character who wasn't on the television show.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

19-year-old me is kind of a stranger. 

As Derik Smith's Livejournal avatar is likely to remind you very shortly, Vice Grip is sort of an aberration amongst his fellow Predacons.  He's loyal, smart, competent... these are not qualities that the Beast Wars cartoon's Predacons really have, at least not at the same time.  They were mostly goofy thugs.  Having a convention-defying Predacon was one of the things BotCon really liked to do back then because they could.  The next year's exclusives, after all, included the "Heroic Predacon" Sandstorm, and the year previous had a jerky Maximal thief and a nerdy Predacon geochemist.  Subverting the corporate-mandated good/evil dynamic for the collectors market was a running theme. 

I've never owned Powerpinch, whom Vice Grip was redecoed from, so that was a bonus.  (I've also never owned Scissor Boy. That surprises me, in retrospect.) 

In the long term, Vice Grip was sort of forgotten amongst the early BotCon exclusives.  He was so very much overshadowed by the larger exclusive for the year, Antagony, who still commands crazy amounts on the secondary market.  Vice Grip appeared in that year's script reading and pretty much never again.   Antagony, to the contrary, kept showing up, and even played a visible part in IDW's recent Beast Wars stuff.  Poor Vice Grip!

(Man, does anyone remember what Vice Grip sounded like?  Onyx Primal and Packrat were portrayed by Garry Chalk and Scott McNeil as characters from the Honeymooners, but did Vice Grip have a voice that could be described?)