January 15th, 2010


Transmetals 2 Day!

Shortpacked!: Elevator go up the hoooole.

I'm in San Diego!  It's, uh, basically 4am my time, so I'm a little groggy, but here is the blog-with-photo that I promised!

To the right are the ill-fated Sonar and Spittor.  They were Wreckers-by-default (since nearly everyone else on the planet was dead at the time) for a very short time before, Whoops!  Too many characters!  and their half of the shuttle went explodey. 

Wonk wonk wonk.

Sonar, on the left, believe it or not, is a girl.  Her original toy bio didn't use any gender-specific pronouns, so BotCon decided she was female.  (And then immediately offed her.)   It seems to have stuck in later uses of her.  So yay!  Not all Transformers girls are pink with high heels.

And if you lick Spittor you die.  Not that many people try to lick Spittor.  He also carries around his own tongue as a weapon.  Huh.

That's very interesting, Spittor.  Put that away.