January 13th, 2010


Swords are basically always cool.

Shortpacked!: Aaaaaaaaaand backgrounds.  

Maggie and I are going to California tomorrow to visit her folks for a belated Missed-You-At-Christmas thing.  So, yay, enjoy some photos of things I took for the Transformers Wiki during the few updates in which I'll be gone.  

To the right is Generation 2 Laser Ultra Magnus!  I'm pretty sure I've sung his praises on this blog before, though it was years and years and years ago, back when I originally got him.  I think it was before I started tagging things, so oh wells.  

Laser Magnus was a Japanese e-Hobby exclusive, a redeco of the G2 Laser Optimus Prime they were reissuing at the time.  I have an original Laser Prime, so I didn't bother with the reissue, but I was all fucking over the exclusive redeco.  This thing is sex.  It's one of my favoritest toys in the world.  And yet, it was up in my attic for the entire two years that I've lived in this house.  I'd put it away for the move.  

This was a Crime.

I dunno where he'll go, but Laser Magnus is not getting put away again.  He has to go somewhere out where people can seen him.  Even if I have to balance him on my head.

Photographing him was another thing entirely.  His robot mode's not a problem, but his vehicle mode and especially the opened-up base mode so so so do not fit inside my photography studio lighting box thing.  I was able to sort of (very obviously) photoshop the corners out of my vehicle mode image, but I had to give up when it came to the base.  I don't feel like photoshopping out the entire bedroom floor.  Ah well.  Maybe some time in the future I'll spring for a larger photo studio.  

You know, more things need G2-era faction symbols on them.  I hope if the BotCon set this year really is a G2 set as rumored that we get a buttload of them.  

Also, Laser Magnus should totally show up in the accompanying comic book.  He needs a fictional appearance where he isn't getting beaten the fuck up by Galvatron II.