January 12th, 2010


Music to my ears.


Hey, it's two of everybody's favoritest things ever!  Happy Meal toys and Beast Machines Nightscream!  

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha no.

People hate those things.  Anyway, have the spot on the Venn Diagram where those two things intersect.  I don't have anything real for tonight's blogpost, really, so I'm giving you an image I put together tonight for the Transformers Wiki

I don't have the "real" Nightscream toy anymore.  Sold it years ago.  It was huge and ugly.  The McDonald's toy is also ugly, but at least it doesn't take up as much space.  Seriously, Nightscream towered over every other Maximal in the line (at the time).  That's not how kid-appeal characters are supposed to work.  They should be tiny and loveable.  Or, in Nightscream's case, only tiny.  

But that means two things:  1) I only have this Happy Meal toy of Nightscream.  2) I can't help complete Nightscream's wiki entry any further. 

D'oh.  You win this round, twerp!

(Oh, and gotcha.)