January 11th, 2010


I'm on to you, LEGO spies.

Shortpacked!: "Crossover" number two?

This $5 LEGO set has a very targeted audience: Me.

I mean, c'mon.  It's Walky.  It couldn't be Walkier.  Okay, maybe the pants could stand to not be green, but the rest?   I couldn't make a more accurate mini-figure Walky if I tried.  Scruffy brown hair.  Doofy smile.  White hoodie with a blue hood and cuffs?  That's vintage Walky.

And he comes with a white and black Ultra Car, apparently.  That's not quite so spot-on, but it's still a little eerie.

Now, the briefcase Walky comes with, that's definitely off the mark.  Walky is not a briefcase kind of dude.  He must have stolen it from Jason.

So, yeah, I'm gonna have to steal some blue LEGO pants.  I'm sure I have one or two pairs lying around.  Too bad he's not to scale with my Amber statue, or this would be an even better week for Buyable Representations Of My Characters.