January 8th, 2010


Did anyone get the chase Amazi-Girl variant? Ha ha, just kidding.

Joyce and Walky!: Cognito Ergo Sum

Oh my God, there's a tiny Amber on my desk!

Yeah, my Amber statues finally arrived.  Hooray!  Three boxes in a larger shipping box with instructions on a slip of paper inside were on my front porch.

So, of course, photos.

The first one is of the boxes themselves.  Yay, the sticker I made up for the front of the boxes was there!  There's a short biographical blurb about Amber and some Transformers-style mosaic-filter background.  (That was fun to put together.)  (Probably should have given her Tech Spec and a motto.)

Man, sliding out the stryofoam inserts was tough.  I had a few false starts, as I was afraid that I was gonna crush the poor statue inside if I were too rough, and some of the styrofoam was starting to crumble at my fingertips.  But eventually I was able to grip it and yank it out with no real problems.  The statue was, of course, unharmed.  

I was totally unshocked that the corn popper toy was a separate pair of pieces.  That sort of thing ain't gonna come shipped while inserted in her hands.  The instructions do tell you to assemble the handle upside-down, however.  Thankfully, I was able to squeeze the handle onto the rest of the popper the way God intended.  The connection point isn't a circle, but it is symmetrical. 

And so there we are.  Yay, Amber statue!  Man, the sculpting and painting on this thing are top notch.  There's no weird blobs or mispainted areas.  It all looks very clean and sharp.  The only downside is that I'm deathly afraid of breaking her.  You know I love my plastic toys, and part of the reason is that you can pretty much throw them against a wall and they'll be fine.  Toss them over the roof of a building.  No problem.  But this is resin, so I actually have to be better than a dumb ape around this thing.  

But it's okay.  I have spares.

(If God forbid you received a broken one, definitely tell Patch Together about it!  They made a few extras for just such an occasion, as responsible folks are wont to do.)

Now that Amber's in the bag, it's time to start working on Statue #2.  I've got some art for a Mike statue slapped together, and pending their approval of my art, that should be up on their site for voting shortly.  I was gonna do Robin next, but the folks seemed to be demanding Mike first.  So why not go Girl-Boy-Girl-Boy for a while, anyway?