January 7th, 2010

I'm Batman

We've gone to the bad place! The baaaaad plaaace!

Shortpacked!: He's a snowflake.

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First impression of DCUC Copperhead: Hey, doesn't this guy have a tail?  I'm pretty sure he has a tail!  Where is his tail???  I searched the corners of the packaging, but to no avail.

About five minutes later, I learn that the earliest apperances of Copperhead didn't give him a tail.  Those things I was interpreting as his tail on his first appearance's cover were actually his really tail-like arms.   He was a "contortionist," meaning he could make his arms into long wrappy things.  Weird.  And he got the tail later when he got changed into an actual snake man instead of guy-in-costume.  

So Copperhead is half-technically a Batman villain.  Or maybe two-thirds technically.  He first showed up in a Brave and the Bold issue, set in Gotham City, as a foe for both Batman and Wonder Woman.  In my book, that makes him a Batman villain!  And, hey, Copperhead is a neat sort-of-crazy-weird orange doofus.  I like Copperhead.  So any excuse to get a Copperhead.  

Y'know, Copperhead may just be the most Spider-mannish villain in Batman's rogues gallery.  He's a guy in an animal costume.  Sure, Batman fights guys and gals who may  have an animal motif, like a tuxedo or cat-ears, but not usually guys in straight-up animal costumes.  That's what Spider-Man fights.  Though Spider-Man's animal villains usually have names like Scorpion and Beetle and Rhino.  If Copperhead were actually a Spider-Man villain, "Copperhead" would be a bit too specific.   His name would probably be Snake.

The best part of this figure is the head, by far.  He's got this crazy wide-eyed laugh going on.  It makes the presentation, I tell you.  The rest is fairly standard.  His glittery orange is also nifty, though, I admit.  

Still wish he had the tail.