January 5th, 2010


Still no Weather Wizard, either.

Shortpacked!: I agree with Amber.

Also in this new Justice League Unlimited are two new Rogues!  Hooray!  It's Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang, and they join my Mirror Master who for some reason was way more important than the Captains and so was produced like years ago.

It's bittersweet, because I want the Trickster most of all.  I mean, the Captains are necessary, but they're not what I neeeeeed.  

Captain Boomerang also helps fill in another little villain subgroup, Task Force X, from which I already have the Clock King and Deadshot.  I, uh, don't rate our chances of getting Plastique or Colonel Flagg, but they were all in their civvies for that episode anyway, so it's no huge loss if we don't get those last two.  Only half of them would be properly dressed!

The four of them (minus Clock King, of course) in their Watchtower outfits would make an awesome Matter Collector online four-pack, but apparently they're ending those.  I guess it's not a huge surprise, since I don't think many or any of the sets have sold out, as of last glance.  Heck, I skipped two of the sets.  I don't need the Legion, and I don't think I like the Doom Patrol for $30 plus shipping.  If only more of the sets were like the first one, with unmade Batman villains.  Man, I love that set. 

Man, Boomerang's tall.  He kinda looks like he's a slightly bigger scale than the others.  It's the longer neck, larger head, and the hat.