January 4th, 2010


Neither shirts nor skins!

Shortpacked!: 1993 is back, in more ways than one.

So Monzo says to me, "Hey, Jim Sorenson said he found a new Justice League Unlimited wave, y'know the one with Plastic Man and Cyborg."  And I'm all like "WOO" and I looked around and hey there they are. 

So check out Metallo.  Metallo was something I wasn't sure if I wanted.  See, I already have the Superman: Animated Series Metallo (left).  And he's pretty cool!  He has a opening chest-door with Kryptonite in it!  And if you push a knob in the back, the Kryptonite pushes through the hole in his chest out the door.  So, y'know.  Action feature.

But, man, I never really gave him that critical a look.  I mean, it's obvious when you see the two toys side-by-side, but that STAS Metallo is so totally not really sculpted from the character model.  Well it is, a little.  But there were a lot of liberties taken.  He could honestly pass for a Live-Action Metallo, if you really wanted.  He's all detailed up.  There's not really much that's Bruce Timm about him.

(Also, hey, they totally colored the little shirt cuff on his right arm like the rest of his arm.)

So, I guess, long story short, I'm glad I have this new Metallo after all.