January 3rd, 2010

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They'll all probably die soon.

Shortpacked!@TNI: A pertinent question for the new year.
Shortpacked!: Because FONT, dammit.

I kinda threw today's main comic together for a really superficial reason.  On the first day of the year. Comicraft.com put all their fonts on a really great sale.  ($20.10 each.  Get it?)  I've been eying a few of them for a while, but they were previously a little too costly to justify.  

I was after some very specific fonts, because, you see, Richard Starkings, the guy who founded Comicraft, was the letterer for the Transformers: Generation 2 comic book.  He created special fonts for the Transformers to talk in, such as one used in BotCon's "Universe" comics, sold on the site as "Resistance."  The Predacon/Maximal font used in BotCon's earlier Beast Wars comics is also available on the site as "Bithead."  So, like, yeah, I'm totally gonna want to own those.  And use them!  Immediately!  Hence the Transformers comic today.  

To the right is Revenge of the Fallen Dirge!  You know, I picked him up on a whim.  I don't need a movie-style Dirge.  I've been keeping myself to only the movie-guys who were actually in the film, and only buying extra movie guys who I could use as their Generation 1 counterparts, like Bludgeon.  I already have Classics Dirge, so ROTF Dirge is kind of superfluous.  But, man, I dunno, he looked really neat.  Do I buy him, knowing that he'll inevitably end up in a bin somewhere forever when his time quickly comes? 

Apparently I do. 

And I have to say, I don't have many regrets.  The photos of him didn't lie.  He's a neat little dude.  I especially enjoy how he transforms, with his right arm becoming the nose of the jet and the other arm forming the spine of the plane, with the legs folding underneath to form the engines and wings.  The torso basically transforms sideways from most Dirges.  It's an interesting way to do his design, though it requires them to make all his Dirgey robot parts vestigial. 

Dirge's conehead isn't actually the nose of the jet, but a normal part of his head which splits in half to help it fit during transformation.  (I kinda hope they redeco him as Cyclonus because of this, since if you leave the conehead halves unconnected, they look like Cyclonus's ears.)  There's also a fake translucent jet canopy on his chest.  The nipples, which also correspond to similar parts on the original Dirge, rotate as you move his arms up and down.  Buzzsaw nips! 

I also enjoy how everything snaps together well in both modes, particularly how the tail of the jet snaps into his robot mode's back.  The jointing there is stiff enough that you wouldn't need it, but the clips are a nice touch that go the extra mile.  His missile launchers can also be moved from under the wings to his elbows, another attempt to make him look like Dirge.  This creates some problems, though.  It works well enough on his right arm, but the kibble on his left arm gets in the way of the missile launcher.  They want to occupy the same space.  Unfortunate.  

To sum up, I enjoy him.  If you don't have a Dirge, he's probably the best to get, objectively-speaking.  And if you already have a Dirge, this one might be good enough to get anyway.  At any rate, he's an attractive and fun addition to a live-action movie collection.  And he has a pope hat.

A pope hat, folks.