December 30th, 2009


Hmmm. More orange.

Shortpacked!: The last strip of the year is about creepy stalking.  

Phew!  Another long day of moving.  But this time we got all the big stuff out of Graham's old place in a truck.  A good 12 hours of labor.    Anyway, that's why there's basically nothing here, instead of me getting all up in some photos and reviews of Revenge of the Fallen Dirge.

But thankfully, the Transformers Fan Club bestowed upon me a gift of news that I can link to, in lieu of creating my own content.  Shattered Glass Cyclonus (mirrorverse) is the second You Buy It exclusive next year.  (Versus Dion, who comes free with the membership.)  It's a great mold!  Just not sure if I'm excited about the character just now.