December 29th, 2009



Shortpacked!: Battle Royale

Here's my Hawkgirl!

Gotta tell you, as much as I pined for this toy, I'm kinda disappointed in her.  Why?  Well, it's all Hawkman's fault.  He was just too damn awesome.  He held his accessories really well, he had storage for his third accessory, and all his articulation was useful.  

Hawkgirl falls short on those.  Once I removed the rubber band that was holding her javelin, that was pretty much it for holding things.  It just won't grab anything securely.  Thankfully, she can hold her mace, which I'm most interested in anyway.   Unlike Hawkman, she doesn't have a loop on her bolt to hold a third accessory, so since she can't hold the second one, two of them are just gonna hafta hang out on the floor.

And, yeah, wow.  Her waist doesn't turn because of her belt buckle, which gets in the way.   So technically she does have that articulation built in, but it's unusable.  And of course the hair gets in the way of her neck articulation...

Oh, and there's a paint error on her collarbone.  Some fleshtone got swiped off, revealing the yellow plastic beneath.  I noticed it in the store, but she's the only Hawkgirl I've ever seen, and it wasn't TOO bad, so I bought her anyway.

On the other hand, Hawkgirl is still pretty damn hot, and her wings are awesome, as I expected.  Girls who can fly are the best.  Dudes who can fly?  Meh.