December 23rd, 2009


What a blockhead.

Shortpacked!: Obsolete Translation of Scripture Theatre

Yeah, these days they translate "axe" to "carving tool," and the context makes it more apparent they're talking about idols, but does it really matter whether you take a knife to your tree before you take it indoors and put lights on it? 

I don't actually care.  But today's comic strip was too good an idea to pass up. 

So my Winston's already kinda broken.  The hose to his ecto-gun snapped off at the backpack when I wasn't looking.  Well, fuck.  Do I order another one before he sells out?  Or do I save myself $30 and just tuck the end of the tube behind his back? 


But he's caught himself a spooky skeleton guy!  Look!  Sure, he's not actually a ghost, but I won't fault Winston for thinking so.  He's not gonna fit in that trap, though....

Speaking of Bludgeon, he features prominently in a new prose story from the Transformers Collector's Club that was released today!  It's a Classics story, which means it takes place at the end of the Marvel Comics continuity.  If you're a member, log in and check out "At Fight's End."  

There's also Seacons!