December 22nd, 2009


Real wrath of God stuff.

Shortpacked!: So there's a use for him.

Yay, I have my Winston!  As you can see, he comes with the containment trap thing.  I don't want to get into too much depth, saving that for a proper "review," but I'll mention the obvious.  Yes, Slimer can fit into the ecto-energy field.  But that damn trap barely stands upright without adding another half-pound of top-heavy weight.  (In the photo, it's leaning up against Slimer's stand.)

So we found out where and when BotCon is next year!  Since Fun Publications took over the convention, me and my friends always sort of joked that they'd take it to hyper-expensive Disney World.  Well, they've gone and done it!  Thankfully, they waited a few years until I had the funds to manage.  So, yay!  And it's in the summer (June 24-27), too, so that means all my friends who are schoolteachers can go. 

In general, I'm pleased.  I don't really care where BotCon is so long as it's convenient for my buddies to come with.  I'll go.  Location's just scenery.

Now to figure out whether I should chip in for a dealer table.  Everyone there's always asking me if I brought books to sell, but BotCon is my Personal Nerd Vacation.  The one year I got a table and sat there all day was probably the most depressing weekend of my life.  Sure, I paid for the trip and then some, but I go to see folks and see things.  So I'd have to bring Maggie to do most of the tabling, but... we'll see.  I've got a few months to sort this out.