December 21st, 2009


It's Indiana and stuff.

Shortpacked!: Cue the pan flute.

Hey, folks!  I'm in Westville, Indiana, now.  I don't have a substantial blog post for you at the moment, but thought I'd be nice and throw up a link to tonight's strip.  I got my Ghostbusters Winston in a box as we were running out the door, so I'll get a photo of him at some point.

He's safe, for now.  I didn't bring my punching Batman.  Though I did bring Bludgeon...

Okay, there's something for today's blog. We were trying to find my hamster Youtube videos on my dad's television, and a search for "Shortpacked!" turned up this awesome LEGO Ultra Car by this awesome dude. I remember his first pass, but not this second pass! The interchangeable expressions and the working arms... that is just way too cool.

Oh em eff jee.