December 20th, 2009



Shortpacked!@TNI: Patience.
Shortpacked!: Molestation.

Yeah, Bludgeon's still cutting people in two.  It's been suggested that he go after Animated Jetfire/Jetstorm next, since they also bisect, but we're missing the obvious.  The original Bludgeon splits in half!  

Man, that white paint on the Pretender shell skull sure has gotten bruised.

(I've already told the story about how I was traumatized the first time I realized Bludgeon's hat came off, right?)

Anyway, it's Christmas and all that.  Maggie and I will likely head for Indiana Monday evening.  I've got updates done up through Friday, so we should be all good.  And I'm bringing my laptop and camera and junk, so there should be some updates through the week.  Of course I'm bringing my Bludgeon.  Perhaps he'll get into some Hoosier mischief.

(I bet the Internet will find out where and when BotCon 2010 is while we're on the road.  I just know it.)  

Patch Together finally got the Amber statues out of customs and into their hands last Wednesday.  This week they'll be processing them!  I am stoked.  Stoked, I say!  I even put together a custom sticker for them to put on the packaging so that there's some visual presentation. 

Tomorrow's comic isn't about hamsters.