December 17th, 2009


"I reckon things should get pretty messy!"

Shortpacked!: Vague genitalia.

Yeah, I guess my honeymoon with Bludgeon isn't over yet.  So here's a photo of Bludgeon cutting the ice cream twins in half, because he can.  Look out, Batman Punching Everybody, 'cuz here comes Bludgeon Cutting Everyone In Half.

I've been getting pretty good at getting everyone's book orders out the business day after they come in, so they should all be arriving very quickly!  I don't really guarantee they'll arrive before Christmas in the days to come, even though they're sent Priority Mail, 'cuz what with Christmas mail volume and everything.  Plus, like, we're going to Indiana early next week, so yeah.   We just ain't gonna be here.  Anyway, enjoy your orders, those who made them!  

So I caved and totally preordered this unofficial Teletraan I playset.  It was the stickers that did it.  Sorta made it all click.  I have no idea where I'm going to put it.  It's a pretty big playset!  But man, it satisfies that tiny little eight-year-old in me that wanted exactly one of these.  Plus, this sort of product is filed firmly under the "Hasbro Will Never Ever Make This" category, so I don't feel too bad throwing money at it, unlike the various unofficial attempts at mass-producing various popular characters.  

If only it came in light blue, so I could pretend it was the Marvel Comics computer system.  But, well, you know me and orange. This is more than fine.