December 14th, 2009

Polyphonic Spree!

There's actually about 40,000 pages, but only 10,000 of them are legitimate content.

Shortpacked!: This was originally going to be the first strip of the storyline.

But then Jhi/Boltax/Andrew told me that first the hamsters should be Galasso's adorable pawns. He was right. So here we are!


The Transformers Wiki reaches 10,000 articles, the most comprehensive Transformers resource on the Internet, has reached ten thousand articles.

Ming-Li, the 10,000th articleDecember 14, 2009 – At 10,000 articles, the Transformers Wiki ( has reached an amazing milestone. Thanks to the hard work of its contributors, has become the most complete and comprehensive Transformers resource on the Internet, spanning all corners of Hasbro's multiverse surrounding Optimus Prime, Megatron, and their warring robot brethren.

The Transformers Wiki began in 2006 as a very small project hosted by Wikia, and it made worldwide news on September 15, 2008, when the Transformers Wiki left Wikia for its own hosting. Since then, the Transformers Wiki has thrived beyond all expectations, exploding from 6000 legitimate content pages to its present number. Users are charmed by its accessibility, humor, and breadth of information - all without being obscured by ugly placement of advertising. From "Airazor" to "Zarak," as a Transformers resource simply has no equal.

The ten thousandth article was "Ming-Li," the female racer from the Transformers Animated episode, "Velocity." The article was written by user Jim Sorenson, who appropriately enough was the one who gave Ming-Li her name in the official Animated handbook, the AllSpark Almanac. She was named after his real-life wife.

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