December 13th, 2009


They look like delicious candy. Well, parts of them.

Shortpacked!@TNI: Hey, Captain Cold is awesome.
Shortpacked!: Plus Ethan smells.

First things first -- Maggie's auctioning off some of the remaindered doodads from our wedding and reception. Need some piratey stuff? Want to pretend you were there because we were jerks and didn't invite you? Check it out.

Man, I didn't know what to photograph for today's blog. I looked around the house, even took a picture of some shelves, but I wasn't really feeling it, so I went up into the attic to dig around. And, hey, you know who I haven't really ever paid attention to? The two BotCon 1999 exclusives.

(First of all, holy crap, these guys are ten years old.) Windrazor and Sandstorm are actually very attractive toys, but neither of them did much for me at the time. Windrazor wasn't much different from Silverbolt, since he's mostly a light gray-to-white swap. What sets him apart is the purple and magenta on his wings. Meanwhile, Sandstorm is a redeco of Scorponok, who was a toy I hated to play with. But man, look at that sparkly orange. And, y'know, he comes with a launchable bee.

Hey, remember when we'd get two BotCon exclusives a year instead of ten? Yikes. I can actually fit the entire year's offerings inside my tiny light studio. That doesn't happen anymore.

I don't really choose my Toys For Tots purchases like Ethan claims to in today's TNI strip, but my choices still have that selfish tinge. See, there's a number of toys each year that I don't buy, for space or other reasons. I can't justify them, or I have enough versions of that character. Still, seeing them in stores tugs at my strings. So the Toys for Tots box gives me an opportunity to finally pick those toys off the pegs and pay for them, but without having to actually go home with them. Y'know, like kind of an exorcism.

(I'm a little sick inside.)

I did pick up one toy this year for Toys for Tots that I actually already own: Animated Wreck-Gar! He's just awesome, and I think everyone should own one. But the rest were chosen because I see them all the time and they haunt me because I haven't bought them. Stuff like Activators lava Grimlock and deluxe Wheelie and Legends Optimus Prime. Hope they find good homes!